At William Nichols Consulting, we have over 30 years of diverse experience in Petroleum Engineering and Advisory Services. We are Waterflood Rejuvenation experts. We are experienced in: Production, Reservoir, Acquisitions and Facilities Engineering. Areas of practice include: Waterflood Rejuvenation, Shale Gas and Shale Oil, Horizontal Multistage Fracturing, SAGD, CSS, Oilsands, Waterflood Optimization and Liquids Rich Gas. We use a fast, easy, powerful approach to achieve superior performance.

Highlights include:

• Developed a proprietary, cost effective, production enhancing technique for Waterflood Rejuvenation.

• Tripled injection on a 45 year old waterflood which will result in a tripling of oil production once fill up occurs.

• A 57% increase in oil production from a 45 year old waterflood. Click here to see graphs.

• A key member of Acquisitions Teams for many oil companies resulting in $3.1 Billion in acquisitions.

• A 33% increase in gas production from a 400 well shallow gas field. This increased the value of the field by $100 million.

• Tripled production on a Bow Island, Alberta shallow gas field.

• Operating cost reductions on virtually every field managed.

• Field development plans that maximized value for oil and gas fields.


We can achieve similar results for you.

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